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lpa philippines april 2014

3 Missing After Floods in Eastern Visayas, Philippines

A Low Pressure Area (LPA) that was formerly Tropical Depression “Domeng” brought severe weather, including around 115mm of rain, to parts of the Eastern Visayas region (Region ...
maine floods

Man Dies in Floods, Maine USA

One man has died after being swept away by flood water in Maine, USA, yesterday 16 April 2014. The incident occurred in Caswell, Maine. Floods have struck across the state over the ...
landslide afghanistan

8 dead after floods in Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Heavy rainfall in southern Tajikistan and north eastern Afghanistan has caused landslides and floods that have killed at least 8 people in the last few days. Tajikistan Heavy rainfall ...
dar es salaam floods

Dar es Salaam Floods – Death Toll Rises, Water Shortages Hit

Local media in Tanzania are reporting that the death toll from the recent flood disaster in Dar es Salaam (reported here) could rise to 41. The figure was announced by Saidi Meck Sadiki, ...
cyclone ITA

Ita leaves Australia headed for New Zealand

Tropical Cyclone Ita, which has left a swathe of destruction across the south western Pacific Ocean, causing over 20 deaths in the Solomon Islands and devastating sugar cane crops in ...
dar es salaam floods april 2014

Flooding in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Claims up to 10 Lives

Following flooding in Tanzania’s central Dodoma region in March 2014, which caused several deaths and destruction, including the derailment of a train , further flooding has occurred, ...
solomon islands floods disaster

Solomon Islands – Floods Recede but Death Toll Rises

Update 10 April 2014: some media reports now claim that 28 people have been confirmed dead, with 40 still missing. Aid agencies are warning of an outbreak of disease, such as diarrhoea, ...
Floods in Neuquen, April 2014. Photo: Agencia Télam

3 Dead, 3,000 Evacuated in Argentina Floods

Almost a year to the day when La Plata and Buenos Aires were hit by massive floods, Argentina is again experiencing large amount of rain and flooding. This time around at least seven ...
pelham floods alabama

Floods in Southern USA – 2 Killed, 100s Evacuated

A trail of severe weather, predicted by forecasters last week, swept across many southern states in the USA yesterday (7 April 2014) and is expected to move northwards during the next ...

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