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Odisha floods, 2013. Photo: ECHO

Deadly Floods in Chhattisgarh and Odisha

Monsoon rain has brought deadly floods the central and eastern parts of India over the last few days, killing at least 5 people with 2 still missing. Two deaths occurred in the state ...
old flooded houses vietnam

Vietnam Rammasun Floods Update

Below is an update to our earlier report on the situation in Vietnam in the wake of Typhoon Rammasun which wreaked storm damage across parts of Vietnam, as well as dumping more than ...
Restoring memories. Before and after - Example of Operation Photo Rescue.Photo credit: Operation Photo Rescue

Charity Restores Photos and Memories for Flood Victims – Operation Photo Rescue

As many insurance companies will tell you, the cost of flooding can be enormous. Using the handy tool at FloodSmart shows that if a modest, 1000 square foot home was hit by just 2 inches ...
uttarakhand floods july 2014

2 Dead in Uttarakhand, India

In similar circumstances to the recent heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers in Nepal’s Far Western Region, the bordering Indian state of Uttarakhand has seen around 5 consecutive ...
Mahakali river erosion

8 More Flood Deaths in Nepal

Several days of non-stop rain in Nepal, particularly the Far Western Region, has forced the Mahakali River (also known as the Sharda River) to burst its banks. Local police said that ...
Floods submerge cars in Istanbul July 2014. Photo: Tuhaf Ama Gercek @ Twitter

Istanbul Floods Again

Torrential rainfall on 19 July caused flash flooding in Istanbul. The flash flooding comes just weeks after parts of the city suffereed in similar circumstances in early June this year. On ...

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