Sudan – Rain Destroys Over 100 Homes in El Gezira

Heavy rainfall in El Gezira state (Sudan) destroyed more than 100 houses and caused the displacement of a number of families. No serious injuries were reported.

On Sunday, rains hit Um El Gura locality in El Gezira and destroyed 102 houses. Hundreds of families have reportedly been displaced, and took shelter in a public school.

The representative of the constituency, El Tijani El Kajam, revealed that 320 families were affected. He called upon the civil society organisations to aid the people in the area.

Rains also caused the collapse of the dome of the historic Sheikh Ismail El Wali in El Gubba district in El Obeid, North Kordofan. The dome was built by Mohamed El Mekki, the son of Sheikh Ismail El Wali and his first successor 113 years ago in 1901.

Last week at least 200 houses and 300 cottages collapsed or were seriously damaged at camp Murnei in West Darfur following heavy rains. Also in two camps in North and South Darfur floods were reported, as well as in Northern State’s Delgo, Sennar and Khartoum.

This article was originally published by Radio Dabanga and can be seen here.

Flood Summary

Last updated: September 6, 2017
Sudan, August 2017
August 20, 2017
River flood
Long-term rainfall


A - El Fasher
B - Nyala
C - Delgo
D - Singa
E - Halafaya
F - Al Jazirah / El Gezira
G - Atbara


River level
17.14 metres
Blue Nile at Khartoum - August 20 to August 20, 2017
River level
15.59 metres
River Nile at Atbara, River Nile State - August 28 to August 28, 2017
increase of 51 cm in 24 hours
River level
14.56 metres
River Atbarah at Atbara, River Nile State - August 28 to August 28, 2017
increase of 66 cm in 24 hours
River level
12.44 metres
Blue Nile at Ad Damazin - August 29 to August 29, 2017
River level
12.84 metres
Blue Nile at Ad Damazin - August 27 to August 27, 2017


Buildings destroyed
420 buildings
August 20 to August 30, 2017