6 People Killed in Haiti Floods

Floods have struck once again in Haiti. This time, heavy rain since the beginning of the month has resulted in overflowing rivers, flooding areas around Port-au-Prince, including Tabarre, Cite Soleil, Delmas, and Carrefour.

At least 6 people have died and 100s have been displaced. In total, 8,379 homes have been affected by the floods, with 46 homes totally destroyed according to the Directorate of Civil Protection and the Interior Ministry, quoted in local media.

Parts of northern Haiti, in particular Cap-Haïtien, as well as parts of neighbouring Dominican Republic suffered flooding in February this year after 7 days of non-stop rain.

Haiti suffered severe flooding in November 2014 which left at least 8 people dead and forced 4,500 from their homes.

Flooded streets of Cap-Haitian. Photo:  Jean-Junior JOSEPH / Twitter
Flooded streets of Cap-Haitian November 2014. Photo:
Jean-Junior JOSEPH / Twitter