Floods and Landslides in Peru and Bolivia After Heavy Rainfall

Areas of Bolivia and Peru have been seeing heavy rainfall for the last two weeks. Two people died after flooding in Santa Cruz, Bolivia during the first week of January 2015.


Over the last 2 days rainfall in the department of La Paz has triggered landslides which have damaged or destroyed around 800 houses. The landslides affected Guanay and Tipuani in Larecaja province, and Luribay in José Ramón Loayza province.

Furthermore the heavy rain has increased river levels in the area, forcing people to evacuate thier homes in Guanay.


Peru’s Civil Defence (INDECI) has reported landslides in the departments of Huanuco and Lima between 06 and 09 January 2015, after 2 weeks of heavy rain.

In Huanuco, two people died and three are missing as a result of a landslide in the district of Mariano Dámaso Beraún. In Lima, the districts of San Vicente de Cañete and Lunahuaná were affected. INDECI say at least 15 houses were destroyed as a result of landslides.

Peru suffered from similar flooding and landslides during the early part of 2014.

landslide peru
Landlisde in Junín, Peru – Photo by Ministerio de Salud, Peru