Solomon Islands Death Toll Rises

As expected by many, the death toll from the floods in Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands, is rising. The floods struck on 3 April, as we reported here after 2 days of heavy rainfall forced the Matanikau River to overflow. Further updates reported that 6 people had been killed in the disaster.

The UN is now reporting that there have been 17 confirmed deaths, and 23 people still missing.

As many as 12,000 people have been affected in the capital, Honiara. A total of almost 37,000 people have been affected by the flood disaster in Guadalcanal Province. Parts of Makira-Ulawa Province (located on Makira Island) is also said to have been affected.

Disaster response operations are being managed by National Disaster Management Office (NDMO). The UN, Red Cross and several other agencies are also involved. Fourteen shelters have been set up to help 12,000 displaced. The Solomon Islands government is distributing food and other essentials. Water and power supplies are still disrupted.

According to the latest UN report, getting further supplies from the outside world is proving difficult since flights from the main airport – Honiara International Airport – are suspended while the runway is being repaired and cleared of debris. Elsewhere, blocked roads and damaged bridges are hampering distribution of existing supplies around the island.

floods solomon islands
Floods in Honiara, Solomon Islands, April 2014. Photo via: Anna Powles @

Additional information is also available on the following websites: UNOCHA; PHT Pacific