About Us

About the FloodList Directory…

For Customers…

The FloodList Directory was set up to help introduce customers of all kinds to flood professionals. We hope it proves valuable to anyone looking for a business or service in the various flood-related fields, such as flood insurance, flood defence and protection, flood risk and flood restoration.

For Flood Professionals…

The FloodList Directory was also set up to help publicise the many varied and valuable services offered by flood professionals around the world. The contribution of these companies is vital is helping people – individuals, families, businesses and communities – deal with the threat of flooding and its dreadful aftermath.

So if you are involved in the flood sector in some way, we want to hear from you. Your company might offer flood insurance, or be involved in flood mitigation and defence, engineering, risk assessment, damage restoration, equipment, flood prediction –  in fact anything flood related at all flood related.

We want to hear from you and help you publicise your products and services

About FloodList

FloodList.com originally began life as a resource for those suffering from the devastating effects of the river floods in Eastern Iowa in 2008. We found it extremely useful and informative, and took over the site in order to continue to offer a resource of help and information to anyone who may have to endure floods in their home areas, not just in Eastern Iowa, but across the world.

Since then we have been able to develop FloodList.com into one of the most widely respected and visited flood news and information websites. We are honoured to have been acknowledged in sites such as:

  • Dartmouth Flood Observatory at The University of Colorado
  • ICES Foundation (International Centre for Earth Simulation)
  • Wikipedia
  • HEPEX – Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment
  • The Weather Network
  • Tck Tck Tck
  • Eco Watch

We have a team of writers who report on flood incidents from all corners of the world. We also include articles on flood-related issues such as mitigation and defence, flood repair and restoration, as well as flood insurance.

In their work, the FloodList team are in regular contact with those who have suffered from flooding, and those who are concerned about the threat of flooding. We hear from them through comments on our site, by email or through social media. We understand their concerns (some of us have suffered from flooding too) and always want to do more to help them.

At the same time, we are also in regular contact with many flood-related businesses. We often hear from companies in the flood defence sector, or flood clear up and restoration, and of course in flood risk and flood insurance. We know the good work that many of them do, and we know that it is important to publicize the products and services on offer. We think our directory will help companies to achieve that.

Our Own Flood Risk

With its close proximity to the fierce and often raging River Oder in eastern Germany, “FloodList HQ” is often under threat of flooding should the Oder break its banks. These threats usually come during Springtime, when the ice and snow of the higher regions of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic thaw and melt, thus raising the river levels significantly. The River Oder famously flooded in 1997, leaving our little region devastated and resulting in the terrible loss of over 100 lives. Every single one of our neighbours has a story to tell from those worrying times, and in many ways, it is those stories that have inspired us to develop this website.

Our Mission…

It’s simple really, and doesn’t deserve the grand title of Mission Statement, so we won’t call it that. But here’s what we aim to do through our website:

  • We want to bring to people’s attention the risks and devastation posed by floods and flooding.
  • We hope to help people understand more about floods, and what they can do to prepare, protect themselves, get insured, and stay safe.
  • It is our hope that we can discuss flooding issues from the perspective of the people who are involved and who are affected.
  • Our outlook is global. Although the main base is in Europe, we have contacts, contributors and writers based around the world, and we aim to include flooding news from all countries and continents.

The FloodList Team