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Diluvium Flood Barrier

We manufacture an innovative flood protection solution for customers across the globe. Diluvium, our ultra-light, ultra-strong patented solution is manufactured from technical textiles and is a fully portable, re-useable, recyclable flood barrier. It’s very quick and easy to deploy in any environment and will create a safe, watertight solution in minutes.

Diluvium is a modular system which means it can be extended to any length required. Additionally, corner sections can be fitted to adapt to the required dimensions of the property, providing 360˚ protection if required.

Diluvium works by using the flood water to form a seal against intruding water, which makes it stable throughout fluctuating water levels. Because of its simple construction and light weight, Diluvium is also very easy to remove and is very portable. It also takes up very little space to store.

Diluvium is currently available in 3 standard sizes, 125cm (4ft), 155cm (5ft) and 185cm (6ft).

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