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Flood Dewatering Equipment - The Otter™ System and Floating Source Pump System

When more commercial and residential properties and infrastructure are threatened by the effects of flooding, the benefits of greater protection are worth the cost of the proper emergency response equipment. It is important that at-risk communities have the necessary equipment for emergency quick response when flooding events occur. This includes flooding due to tidal surges and excessive rainwater from storm-related events, rising rivers and streams, levees breaches and infrastructure sump pump inundation and failures. High volume flood mitigation equipment that allows quick response and ease of deployment can mean saving lives and property, as well as minimizing business and infrastructure service interruption.

Chief Fire offers stationary and mobile high volume flood mitigation pump systems which utilize the world’s lightest and most compact floating submersible pumps. Chief is the only manufacturer that offers composite technology in the construction of our floating submersible pumping units that make them extremely lightweight and corrosion proof, enabling their use in both fresh and saltwater applications. The power units for these pumping systems may be located remotely from their dewatering points, between 100 and 200 feet, which maintains the power unit, controls and the operator in a safe location. Because these systems use a biodegradable hydraulic fluid for enhanced operation, the equipment may be used in environmentally sensitive areas with little or no adverse impact.

The compact and lightweight characteristics of these systems allow quick, emergency response, setup, and breakdown operations, and offer deployment flexibility over a variety of terrain or structural configurations. Because these are floating submersible pumps, no vacuum priming is needed, thereby eliminating any high lift restrictions associated with centrifugal pumps.

The Otter™ System – THE Quick Response Emergency Flood Mitigation System:
• World’s first ultra-lightweight fully composite submersible pump used for remote water sourcing and flood control operations.
• Pump weighs only 85 lbs
• 2500 GPM flood pumping capability
• Physically manageable by one or two firefighting personnel
• Air lift capability for mobile and tactical placement
• Integral heavy duty forklift pockets and top lifting rings
• Stainless steel quick connect fittings
• No priming or drafting required
• Superior corrosion-proof and corrosion-resistant properties in both fresh and salt water
• May allow opportunity for improved water supply credit for insurance rating

Floating Source Pump System (FSP):
• Mobile hydraulically driven submersible pumping system
• Utilizes the latest advancements in composite technology to accomplish an ultra¬-lightweight design
• Up to 15,000 GPM with 3 submersible pumps
• Can be configured into a variety of arrangements such as a trailer, enclosed skid, Ro-Ro skid or even customized to either integrate into or be transported by your equipment
• Manageable by one or two firefighters
• Can also be used in supplying high volume water to boost pumping systems such as a Boost Pump System or firetrucks

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