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Why partner with us and list your flood business or company in the FloodList Directory?

FloodList sees around 20,000 to 30,000 plus visits each month. Add your listing to our directory and promote your company to our readers.

Below is a screenshot of our visitor statistics from June 2013 to 20 February 2014.


Our readership is varied and includes homeowners, businesses, professionals, governments and NGOs. They come from a wide range of countries. Many are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe, but there are also readers from Asia and South America – in fact any areas affected by flooding.

We want to work in partnership with you to promote your company on our directory and introduce your business to thousands of visitors per month.

List your business on our directory and your company’s products, skills or services will be included in one of the Internet’s longest running and respected flood related websites.


So many people these days use different devices to find things on the Internet. That’s why we have made our flood directory “responsive”. In other words, it doesn’t matter if our visitors are using a laptop or desktop PC, a smart phone, iPad or other tablet. Eveyone will find using our directory quick, safe and easy, and enable them to find your listing, wherever they are, whatever they are using.


FloodList is over 6 years old and has been reporting on floods and flooding issues since 2008.

Global Perspective

FloodList began life as a local news site. It has since developed into a global resource and reports on flood events around the world. We have ensured, however, that users of our directory can easily find local companies by area (city, state, country). So our directory is the right place for your business to be listed, whether your company has a global reach or offers a local service.

Flood Specific

Your business specialises in flood-related issues. Ours does too. We think that makes us a good match to be able to work together in promoting your company through our website.

News Updates

FloodList is regularly updated with all the latest news on flooding issues from around the world. This means that FloodList and its directory constantly have a stream of new and interested visitors, all of whom are interested in flooding issues. Our site and its content will not go stale, and nor will our efforts in promoting it through social media.


FloodList is also one of the most respected flood related websites, and as such is used as a references by a range of high profile professionals, organisations and companies such as:

  • Dartmouth Flood Observatory at The University of Colorado
  • ICES Foundation (International Centre for Earth Simulation)
  • HEPEX – Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment
  • The Weather Network
  • Tck Tck Tck
  • Eco Watch

How do we know this? All of these websites link to content and news reports on FloodList.

Search Engine Visibility

FloodList.com is a well established website with a solid link profile from authority websites including Wikipedia and some of those listed above. For anyone who still cares about these things, FloodList.com is considered by Google to be PageRank 4. All of this indicates that FloodList has a certain amount of trust in the eyes of the search engines. Please note, we are not suggesting you should list your website and business in our directory solely for search engine purposes (ie: getting a good link). In fact, in accordance with Google guidelines, all links to external websites will be “No Follow”.

FloodList.com performs well in the various main search engines thanks partly to its strong backlink profile and partly to its regularly updated, high quality, useful content. However, we expressly do not make any guarantees about search engine ranking.

Social Media Visibility

FloodList also has a presence on various social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +

Visitor Numbers

FloodList.com gets between 20,000 to 40,000 visits per month. All of these visitors are interested in issues surrounding floods and flooding. In other words, many could be potential customers of yours.

Below is a screenshot of our visitor statistics from June 2013 to 20 February 2014.


We hope we’ve convinced you that the FloodList Directory is the right place for your flood business.
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