Czech Floods June 2013 Facts and Figures

Some data released by the Czech government show some interesting figures and statistics for the floods that struck in Czech Republic and across several central European states during June 2013.

The figures below are for the Czech Republic only:

  • 15 people died
  • 26,000 evacuated
  • 1200 municipalities affected
  • 9 out of Czech’s 14 regions hit
  • Worst affected regions were Central Bohemia, Prague City, South Bohemia and the Usti Region
  • Area affected in June 2013 similar to August 2002 floods
  • 2013 floods caused 15.3 billion crowns damage (2002 caused around 60 billion crowns)
  • Terezin in the Usti Region suffered the most costly damage (920 million crowns)

The Czech government plan to assess fully how the new flood defences in the country (developed after 2002) performed during the June 2013 floods. A report should be released in June 2014. There was concern that flood barriers failed in Zalezlice and in some suburbs of Prague such as Liben and Hostivar. Flood defences for central Prague were extremely successful when compared to the situation in 2002.

Floods in Prague 2002
Floods in Prague 2002