Severe Weather Affects Italy From North to South – 5 Deaths Reported

The low pressure Atlantic front “Golia” has affected the whole of Italy since the 27 February 2016, causing intense storms and torrential rainfall, with snow in the north and rain and storm surge in the south.

As many as 5 deaths have been reported as a result of the severe weather, including 2 people who drowned in flood water. Damage to houses, infrastructures and communications routes have also been reported.

According to the National Aeronautic Meteorological Service (Servizio Meteorologico Aeronautica Militare), the severe weather will last until later today, Monday 29 February, 2016, with intense storms expected in the north and along the Tyrrhenian coast.

River levels and soil saturation are increasing, increasing the risk of hydro-geological issues with the potential of further damages and loss of life.

Terra Satellite (NASA) image of the severe weather affecting Italy
Terra Satellite (NASA) image of the severe weather affecting Italy


A car fell in a river under flood in Sant’Angelo in Pontano (Marche Region), resulting in 1 person reported dead. In Veneto Region a man drowned as he fell into the Tione River near Villafranca di Verona.

The intense storms in the South of Italy were accompanied by severe gusts of wind, causing the fall of several trees and resulting in 1 casualty in Candidoni (Calabria Region) and 2 casualties in Sessa Aurunca (Campania Region).

Damage to Infrastructures and Transport

Damage to infrastructures has been reported throughout Italy, including the derailment of a train in Piedmont Region.

In the North of Italy (Piedmont Region), communications routes to France suffered interruptions and critical issues due to the high amount of snow fallen, up to 90 cm at the Tende pass linking Cuneo Province to Alpes-Maritimes Department in France.

A landslide caused by the severe precipitations caused the derailment of a regional train connecting Biella to Novara, in Piedmont Region. The passengers are reported unharmed.

The mountain part of the Savona Province in Liguria suffered several electric service issues and blackouts, among with road interruptions, due to the falling of trees caused by intense snow affecting the area.

In the South of Italy, the intense wind and resulting storm surge caused the interruption in the maritime links between Naples and the Phlegraean Islands. As a result, Ischia, Capri and Procida are currently isolated from the mainland.

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