Spain – 4 Dead After River Overflows in Catalonia

The river Sió in north eastern Spain, broke its banks in the early hours of Tuesday, 03 November 2015, inundating the small town of Agramunt, Catalonia, about 100 km north west of Barcelona.

Four people died after a nursing home was flooded in the town. A further five people were injured but were able to escape the flood waters and are currently recovering in hospital. The victims are thought to have been sleeping in their basement bedrooms at the time the flood struck.

Talking to local media, the Mayor of Agramunt, Xavier Secanell, said that the flood has left much of the town under water. The local government has since announced a 3 day period of mourning in the town.

Over the last few days many parts of Spain had been enduring one of the worst storms in 20 years. Aemet, Spain’s meteorological agency, issued alerts for torrential rain that began on 31 October 2015. At one point 29 of Spain’s 50 provinces were on alert.

Over the weekend southern parts of the country suffered some of the worst rain and strong winds. Flooding and storm damage was reported in tourist resorts along the south coast including Malaga and Alicante. Since then the rain moved north and east and torrential rain in river catchment areas around Agramunt resulted in the Sió overflowing. Between 01 and 02 November, as many as 18 locations across Spain saw more than 100 mm of rain according to AEMET figures.

Rainfall figures. Image: AEMET
Rainfall figures in Spain from 01 to 02 November 2015. Image: AEMET

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The tragedy in Spain follows the deaths of one person in Portugal and 2 in Italy in a week of severe weather across parts of southern Europe.

File photo: Flood rescue in Spain. Photo: UME
File photo: Flood rescue in Spain. Photo: UME