Algeria – Deadly Flash Floods in Constantine and Tebessa

At least 3 people have died in flash flooding in Algeria during the past week.

Heavy rain caused flash floods in the city of Constantine, Constantine Province in north eastern Algeria on Wednesday 19 September, 2018.

Algeria Press Service (APS) reported that 2 people were found the dead after their vehicle was swept away by flooding on the N27 road between Constantine and Hamma Bouziane. APS said the Ziad wadi had flooded the road after heavy rain.

Civil Protection units were deployed to affected areas and have rescued at least 11 people who were stranded in their cars. Several roads have been closed and material damage also reported.

Three people died in the city of Constantine in similar circumstance three years ago after torrential rain on 24 August 2015.

Earlier this month a young child died in flash floods in the city of Tebessa, eastern Algeria. A storm during the evening of 12 September, 2018, brought torrential rain and some hail. Flooding caused considerable damage to roads and more than 50 vehicles.

APS, quoting Office National de Météorologique (ONM ) said that over 50 mm of rain fell in Tebessa in just 1 hour on 12 September.

At least 5 people died after floods hit the province of Tamanrasset in southern Algeria last month.

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