Angola – 19 Dead After Floods in Benguela, Luanda, Huíla and Zaire Provinces

At least 19 people have died and 8 are still missing in Angola after a period of heavy rain brought flooding to the provinces of Benguela, Luanda, Huíla and Zaire.

Benguela Province

Angola News Agency ANGOP reports that at least 16 people died as a result of heavy rains and flooding in Benguela Province that began around 16 March, 2019.

Vice President of Angola, Bornito de Sous, visited Catumbela, one of the worst hit areas where at least 12 fatalities were reported and houses were damaged or destroyed.

Heavy rains also affected parts of Benguela city, where 3 people died, and Lobito, where one fatality was reported. Around 30 homes were completely destroyed and 56 damaged by flooding across the province.

The Vice President pledged to take measures to improve the conditions of the affected families but also urged residents to avoid building homes in high risk areas.

Benguela Province was the scene of catastrophic flooding in March 2015. At least 60 people died in Lobito, where flood waters were reportedly as deep as metres.


Heavy rainfall hit the capital, Luanda, and surrounding areas on 19 March, 2019. Local media, quoting fire and civil protection services, say that at least 3 people have died. Homes and public buildings including health centres and schools, have been damaged. The municipality of Viana is the worst affected area.

Heavy rain in Luanda left at least 4 people dead and hundreds of homes destroyed in late February this year.

Huíla province

Eight people, including five children, are missing as a result of heavy rainfall that struck the town of Lubango in Huíla province, late on 19 March, 2019. Local media said the torrential downpour lasted around 4 hours, causing floods that damaged around 103 homes.

The missing people were reportedly swept away by the flood waters from the overflowing Capitão and Mukufi rivers. Search and rescue operations are continuing.

At least 37 people died after floods struck Lubango in March 2016.

Zaire Province

Over 130 people were left homeless after heavy rain and floods struck on 18 March in Cuimba, Zaire province. Initial damage assessments suggest at least 18 homes have been completely destroyed.