Angola – 8 Dead, Thousands Displaced After Floods in 3 Provinces

Floods triggered by heavy rain have left at least 8 people dead and thousands displaced in three provinces of Angola, including around the capital Luanda.

Luanda Province

According to Angola News Agency ANGOP, heavy rain began to affect parts of the capital Luanda on 28 February, 2018.

Since then disaster officials have confirmed that 6 people have died in the floods. Furthermore over 90 homes have been destroyed and many more damaged, leaving 545 families displaced.

The worst hit areas are the municipalities of Viana, Cacuaco and Cazenga.

Over 30 schools, a hospital and commercial premises have also been damaged.

Cuando Cubango Province

Two days earlier, heavy rain in Cuando Cubango Province left 2 dead and destroyed 195 homes.
Menongue was the worst affected area. Mavinga, Cuito Cuanavale, Calai and Cuchi were also affected. Meanwhile other areas of the province are still dealing with a severe drought.

Cuanza Norte Province

Parts of Cuanza Norte Province have seen heavy rain from around 22 February.

By 28 February disaster officials confirmed that 23 house had been destroyed and 116 damaged in the municipality of Cazengo, with homes also damaged in the municipality of Lucala.

March and April Flooding

Areas of Angola, in particular Luanda, often seen heavy rain and flooding around this time of year. Eleven people died in flooding in Luanda in March last year. In 2016, 19 people died and 800 families were left homeless in Luanda after flooding in April.

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