DR Congo – Hundreds Homeless After Kasai River Floods in Mai-Ndombe Province

Heavy rain has caused flooding in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo).

The rain caused the Kasai river to break its banks in Mai-Ndombe province on 16 May. Flooding from the river has destroyed at least 50 homes and damaged dozens more in Bendela in Kutu Territory. Local media report nearly 500 people from the 123 households are homeless as a result.

Meanwhile thousands of people remain homeless in eastern parts of the country.

Flooding in and around the city of Uvira in South Kivu province triggered floods and significant damage in mid April, leaving 44 people dead, 200 injured and 64,000 homeless.

Severe weather from late April destroyed dozens of homes in the Kailo Territory in Maniema Province, leaving more than 750 people homeless.

In early May, flooding forced hundreds from their homes in Ituri Province after flooding from Lake Albert damaged or destroyed around 100 homes in Djugu Territory.

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