Nigeria – Deaths Reported as Floods Hit Eastern and Central Areas

Rainstorms and flooding affected parts of Adamawa State in northeastern Nigeria from 01 August, 2019.

According to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), 7 people died and dozens of houses were damaged in the city of Yola, the Adamawa state capital. Power supply was also cut in some areas of the city.

On 02 August heavy rainfall affected central areas of the country, with flooding reported in the country’s capital, Abuja. Local media said a government official died when his car swept away by flood waters in the city. Further heavy rain has fallen since, worsening the flood situation in the city with several roads blocked and buildings damaged.

NAN also reported that officials in Kaduna state called for residents living close to the Kaduna river and other flood-prone areas to temporarily relocate to safer areas on 03 August.

Meanwhile, heavy rain in the southeastern state of Imo on 04 August caused flooding in Oguta which has displaced around 6,000 people and damaged 200 homes according to local media reports.

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