Rwanda – Hundreds Homeless After Landslide in Nyamasheke

Hundreds of people have been forced from their homes in Rwanda‘s Western Province after heavy rain triggered a landslide in Nyamasheke district.

Landslide damage in Nyamasheke district, Rwanda, May 2021 – Photo: District of Nyamasheke

The landslide struck on 09 May 2021 following a period of heavy rainfall. Over 100 homes were damaged, with 39 reportedly completely destroyed. Officials of Western Province Government said 631 people from 117 families were displaced as a result.

In late April a landslide in Gahunga Sector of Burera District, Northern Province left 1 person dead and damaged or destroyed around 200 houses, along with crops and livestock.

Heavy rainfall affected other areas of the country around this time. Capital Kigali recorded 84 mm of rain in 24 hours to 09 May.

On 10 May Meteo Rwanda warned of heavy rainfall (40mm to 120mm) between 11 and 20 May 2021 across the country, with intense rainfall activities expected in Northern part of the country.

Landslide damage in Nyamasheke district, Rwanda, May 2021. Photo: Western Province Government