Senegal – Deadly Flash Floods in Dakar

At least one person died and another was severely injured after flooding caused by heavy rain in Dakar, capital city of Senegal.

Heavy rainfall struck on 05 August 2022, with around 127 mm falling in the space of a few hours. City streets were inundated in flood water over 1 metres deep, causing widespread traffic disruption.

Senegal’s Ministry of the Interior said in a statement that the heavy rainfall caused the death of a man who died after losing control of his vehicle in a flooded tunnel in Mermoz. According to police, another person was rescued in serious condition and taken to hospital.

Senegal’s rainy season normally runs from July to October. On 20 July this year heavy rain of over 80 mm in 24 hours caused flooding in Dakar and surrounding areas in Senegal, causing damage to roads and buildings.

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