Tanzania – Floods in Dar Es Salaam Leave 12 Dead

Floods have been affecting Dar es Salaam and other regions of Tanzania, including Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga and Kagera, for the last 6 days.

Streets of Dar es Salaam have been under water after 85 mm of rain fell in 24 hours on 07 May 2015.
Local media say that Dar es Salaam Police have confirmed that at least 12 people have died in the floods. There are fears that more are still missing or unaccounted for. Further heavy rainfall yesterday is causing problems for authorities to fully assess the situation. A better picture of the damage caused by the floods will only become clearer once the flood waters start to recede. As quoted in IPP, Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander, Suleiman Kova said:

“As the intensity of the rains reduces and the level of waters decreases, the effects of the floods are becoming more vivid,’

The worst affected areas in Dar es Salaam are said to be Kinondoni and Temeke. Both districts are affected by flooding on a regular basis. Last week, Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner called for those in the affected areas to move to safer areas.

In Kilimanjaro region, as many as 3,000 people have been displaced after floods destroyed houses near Arusha Chini town in the Moshi rural district.

Rainfall and Forecast

When the floods first struck on Thursday 07 May, 2015, WO report that 85 mm of rain fell in Dar es Salaam in 24 hours. Over 50 mm of rain fell the next day.

Heavy rain is still falling in Dar es Salaam. WMO figures say that 52.5 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 11 and 12 May 2015.

Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) have warned that rain will continue for the next 7 days, particularly in coastal regions. The period of March to end of May is referred to as the “long rains” in Tanzania. TMA are hopeful that the long rains will have ended by late May this year.