Tanzania – Floods in Morogoro Region Leave 5 Dead and Thousands Displaced

Tanzania News Agency (TNA) is reporting that 5 people have died and almost 14,000 people have been left homeless as a result of floods in the Morogoro Region in eastern Tanzania. The area has endured ongoing rain for the past 3 weeks. Heavy rainfall between 22 to 24 April, fell on already saturated ground and caused rivers to overflow, leaving wide areas under water.

According to Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Dr Kebwe Steven Kebwe, a total of 3,095 homes have been damaged, forcing the families to evacuate. TNA say the affected districts include Kilosa, Kilombero, Morogoro and Malinyi. Some schools in the areas have been closed since 12 April. Damage to crops and roads has also been reported.

According to local media reports, three of the victims died in Kilombero, and the other 2 in Morogoro district.


Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) issued a warning concerning country-wide heavy rains that would be experienced in the wake of Cyclone Fantala in the Indian Ocean. The TMA reported that heavy rains will continue to be experienced in the country and urged the general public to take precaution.

Satellite images had indicated deep convective clouds in eastern Tanzania which had been expected to lead to heavy rains.

Reporting by Benard Juma, with additional reporting by Richard Davies.