Uganda – 1 Dead, 800 Homes Damaged After Floods in Bundibugyo

Red Cross in Uganda reported that flash flooding caused severe damaged in Kasitu Sub County, Bundibugyo district early on 19 August, 2020.

Heavy rainfall during the early hours of 19 August caused several local rivers to break their banks. Local officials said at least 800 homes were damaged, along with crops, roads and bridges.

One person was missing, later found dead, after floods in Ntandi trading centre, Kasitu Sub County, Bundibugyo district. Uganda Red Cross said, “Our team has dispatched to the affected community to conduct rapid assessment and offer life saving services.”

Uganda Red Cross also reported the Nyamwamba and Mubuku rivers overflowed, flooding parts of Kasese district. One person was trapped by flood waters and later rescued.

Severe flooding struck in Bundibugyo District in May this year after the Lamia river broke its banks. One person died and over 3,000 people were affected.

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