Uganda – Homes and Crops Destroyed After Flash Floods in Western Region

Uganda Red Cross report that over 2,000 people were affected by flash flooding in Bundibugyo District, Western Uganda.

After flash flooding in Bundibugyo District, Western Uganda. Photo: Uganda Red Cross

The flash flooding struck on 21 July, 2019, after heavy rain. Red Cross said the worst hit areas are Kirumya Town, Kirumya East, Bundimagwara1, Bugando 11 and Habendu. Houses and latrines were washed away and crops and food gardens destroyed.

Flooding affected 285 households with a population of 2,834 people. Twenty-two houses were swept away yesterday while many others have been damaged by mud, flood water and debris, leaving people without shelter.

Uganda Red Cross said, “Due to flooding, many families lost latrines. This exposes people to a likelihood of diarrheal diseases and other WASH related concerns arising from lack of access to clean and safe water in the affected communities.”

“Flooding has affected the food security of people. Food crops were destroyed, exposing Families to potential famine in the near future.”

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