Uganda – Thousands Affected by Floods in Western Region

As many as 100,000 people have been displaced by massive flooding in western Uganda.

Flood damage in Kasese district, Western Uganda, May 2020. Photo: Government of Uganda

The government of Uganda said “All the rivers in Kasese and Bundibugyo Districts burst their banks due to heavy rainfall on the night of 05 May, 2020.

Local media, quoting district officials, said 120,000 people have been affected in Kasese district, with 100,000 believed to have moved from their homes to stay in temporary shelters set up in local schools, churches and other public buildings.

Flooding in the district has also damaged or destroyed roads and bridges and electricity supply has been interrupted. Schools and a hospital have also been severely damaged.

Uganda Red Cross report that flooding caused massive destruction in Bundibugyo District, also in Western Uganda, after the Lamia river broke its banks.

Red Cross said that 1 person died and over 3,000 people were affected. Some flooding was also reported in neighbouring Ntoroko district.

Uganda Red Cross said the Kirembe hospital in Kasese district was severely damaged by floods. Photo: Uganda Red Cross.

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