160,000 Affected by Floods in Paraguay

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Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay, as well as other towns in the Paraguay River basin including those in the departments of Conception, San Pedro and Central, are being affected by flooding caused by the same heavy rains that caused flooding in the nearby Brazilian state of Paraná.

At least 28,000 families, or almost 160,000 people, have so far been affected by the flooding in Paraguay as a whole and it is expected that these figures will increase drastically in the coming days, as the levels of the Itaipu and Yacyreta dams located on the Paranã River are reaching their limits. The excess water will have to be released downstream, affecting towns in the Misiones and Ñeembucú departments which are already being severely hit by flooding.

Yesterday 11 June 2014, National Secretariat for Emergencies (SEN) said that there are at least 45,000 people affected by flooding in the country’s capital. In addition, SEN estimates that the level of the Paraguay River in Asunción is likely to rise by up to another 8cm (3”) over the coming week.

While local and national authorities are providing humanitarian assistance, President Horacio Cartes announced additional funding when visiting the affected areas and the displaced families on Tuesday 10 June 2014. SEN director Joaquin Roa said Cartes made the funds available for evacuation assistance across the mostly rural South American nation.

floods river paraguay
Floods along the River Paraguay. Photo annp.gov.py