Argentina – State of Emergency Declared as Rivers Overflow in Salta Province

After days of flooding in Salta Province, Argentina, Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey has declared a state of emergency for the departments of Santa Victoria, Iruya, Orán, General San Martín and Rivadavia.

In a statement of 10 February 2018 the government of Salta province said that the flooding was caused by heavy rain and the overflowing Bermejo and Pilcomayo rivers.

The city of Santa Victoria Este is among the worst hit areas after the Pilcomayo burst its banks on 02 February, 2018. Local civil defence authorities said that around 2,000 people evacuated their homes to stay in relief centres and further 2,000 or more self-evacuated. Argentina Red Cross said that at least 17,000 people were affected.

The municipality of Los Toldos was left isolated after the collapse of a bridge that connects the area with La Mamora in Bolivia.

Levels of the Pilcomayo increased dramatically after heavy rain in the upper basin, including areas of southern Bolivia which saw record rainfall in late January.

Floods in Salta Province, Argentina, February 2018. Photo: Government of Salta Province

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