Argentina – Hundreds Evacuate Floods in North

Update, 20 February 2020:

Further flooding hit Salta Province after a storm on 18 to 19 February caused the San Antonio River to break its banks, inundating areas of San Antonio de los Cobres. At least 30 people evacuated and media reported 1 fatality.

Original report, 19 February, 2020:

Persistent heavy rainfall in northern Argentina has trigged flooding in the provinces of Tucumán, Salta, Chaco and La Rioja.

Floods in Chaco, Argentina, February 2020. Photo: Government of Chaco


Around 160 families have evacuated their homes in northern and eastern areas of Salta province after flooding began around 11 February. Provincial authorities are delivering relief supplies and assisting with evacuations.

Many of those affected are from the indigenous Wichi community. Recently the Government declared an emergency following the deaths of eight children under five linked to malnutrition in the Wichi community since December 2019.

Salta is close to the border with southern Bolivia, where flooding recently affected parts of Potosí. Department.


Heavy rain and flooding also affected parts of Tucumán Province from 11 February. Local authorities said 87 people were evacuated from flooded areas around the town of Gobernador Garmendia town in Burruyacú Department.

Flooding has cut roads and some areas have been left isolated, including in the La Cocha municipality and the town of Villa Chicligasta.

A storm on 18 February brought further heavy rain as well as strong winds, causing damage to homes in central areas of the province.

La Rioja

Local media reported that around 1,000 people were affected by heavy rain and flooding on 12 February in the province of La Rioja.  The city of La Rioja, the provincial capital, and surrounding towns were the worst hit. Military teams were deployed to assist affected communities.


The provincial government in Chaco declared an emergency on 15 February in response to heavy rain and flooding. Roads have been closed and around 200 people evacuated. The affected areas include Gancedo, Pinedo, Charata, Hermoso Campo and Las Breñas.

Local media said that Las Breñas recorded 192 mm of rain on 14 February and Hermoso Campo 184mm.

Many are fearing a repeat of last year’s flooding in the province, where at least 2 people died and around 2,000 were evacuated.

Floods in Chaco, Argentina, prompted a state of emergency on 15 February 2020. Photo: Government of Chaco