Bolivia – 6 Dead, 10,000 Families Affected as Flooding Continues

The Minister of Defence in Bolivia, Javier Zabaleta, announced on Sunday 11 February that heavy rain and flooding has left 6 people dead and 9,600 families affected. As many as 14 municipalities have declared a disaster.

He warned that the figure is increasing as river levels in Beni Department continue to rise, although they are not expected to reach anywhere near the levels of the 2014 flood disaster in the department.


Areas of Tarija Department saw record rain in late January. One person reportedly died in the flooding.

The rain in Tarija increased levels of the Pilcomayo River causing flooding downstream in Salta province of Argentina.


Last week torrential rain in Cochabamba department caused major devastation in the municipality of Tiquipaya, about 10km north west of Cochabamba city.

The Taquiña River burst its banks during the night of Tuesday 06 February, flooding streets with tons of muds, rocks and debris.

At least 5 people have died in the flooding, with a further 180 or more injured. The municipal government estimated that around 100 homes have been destroyed and a further 55 severely damaged. Around 800 people have been displaced.

Around 450 Armed Forces personnel are working in the affected area with local and departmental authorities to remove mud and flood debris and clear river and waterways.

The mayor of Tiquipaya, Juan Carlos Angulo, explained that 5 of the 6 municipal districts were affected, with mud and flood water as deep as 3 metres in some areas. Around 20 rural communities have also been affected.

The neighbouring municipality of Colcapirhua in Cochabamba also saw some flooding. A canal in the area overflowed on Sunday 11 February, blocking roads and inundating houses. Around 3,000 families have been affected, according to the local mayor.

Flood recovery in Tiquipaya, Bolivia, February 2018 Credit: Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Tiquipaya


Flood recovery in Tiquipaya, Bolivia, February 2018 Credit: Gobierno Autónomo Municipal de Tiquipaya

La Paz

In La Paz department the Pucarani river overflowed in the municipality of the same name early on 12 February 2018. Full assessments are yet to be carried out. It is thought that around 100 families are affected.

Minister of Defence, Javier Zavaleta said that around 20 homes have been destroyed. The Government sent food, tents and blankets on Monday to affected families.

Local media report that the Luribay, Porvenir and Chincha rivers in Luribay municipality in La Paz have burst their banks, affecting over 80 communities, destroying 50 homes and damaging 10,000 hectares of crops and farmland.

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    As global warming gathers pace and wreck havoc to the lives of ordinary people of Bolivia, who are the hardest hit, we need to pray that there’s no further loss of life and destruction to property.

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