Brazil – Over 100,000 Hit by Floods as Rivers Overflow in Acre

Over 100,000 people have been affected by flooding in the state of Acre, northwestern Brazil, after several rivers in the state broke their banks fin the last week.

Flooding of the Juruá River at Cruzeiro do Sul, State of Acre, Brazil, February 2021. Photo: Marcos Vicentti / Secom

The State has declared an emergency situation. Governor Gladson Cameli said Acre is facing one of the most challenging times in its history, dealing with the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic, dengue outbreak, migratory crisis on the border with Peru and the overflow of rivers which has affected several municipalities across the state, including the capital Rio Branco.

Around 33,000 people have been affected in Cruzeiro do Sul municipality after the Juruá River reached record levels of 14.31 metres on 19 February, beating the previous high of 14.24 set in February 2017.

The Iaco river at Sena Madureira jumped to 18.04 metres on 19 February, well above flood stage of 15.2 metres. Around 18,000 people have been affected by the flooding across the municipality.

The Tarauacá river at Tarauacá reached 11.05 on 20 February, well above flood stage of 9.5 metres and affecting 28,000 people.

In the municipality of Feijó over 3,200 people have been affected after the Envira river jumped to 14.25 metres on 20 February, exceeding the 14 metre flood stage.

Purus river at Santa Rosa do Purus reached 9.46 metres on 20 February, above flood stage of 9 metres. Over 1,500 people have been affected although levels have since fallen to under 7 metres.

Meanwhile the Acre river in the state capital Rio Branco stood at 15.64 metres as of 20 February, above the flood stage of 14 metres. Media reported 2,700 families are affected.

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