Brazil – Flooding Jari River Affects Thousands in Amapá

Flooding from the Jari river has affected thousands of people in communities in the state of Amapá in northern Brazil.

Floods in Amapá Brazil April 2022. Photo: SECOM Brasil

Levels of the Jari river increased after heavy rainfall in the region over the last few weeks. The Amapá state government said the river reached 3.01 metres on 26 April, the highest level of the year so far.

According to officials, communities in the municipalities of Laranjal do Jari and Vitória do Jari have been affected by the flooding since mid-April. As of 26 April, the state government reported 16,152 people affected in Laranjal do Jari and 8,340 in Vitória do Jari. Federal government sources said over 220 families have been displaced.

State and federal government agencies are providing aid and relief supplies to communities in affected areas.

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