Colombia – 8 Killed in Cauca Landslide

Heavy rain has triggered a deadly landslide in the Cauca Department of Colombia.

Colombia’s Civil Defence reported the landslide occurred near the village of Mosoco in the municipality of Páez in the east of the department of Cauca late on 18 June 2022. Two homes were completely destroyed. Eight people, all members of the same family, died in the incident. Other landslides in the area have blocked roads, making access to the site difficult for rescue teams.

Civil Defence also reported recent heavy rain has caused flooding in the departments of Magdalena, Antioquia, Atlántico and Cundinamarca. As many as 540 people were affected by floods in Ariguaní municipality of Magdalena Department from 10 June.

On 14 June flooding struck in Caldas municipality in Antioquia, leaving 1 house destroyed and 30 damaged. The following day around 130 people were affected by flooding in Soledad municipality in Atlántico department. Twenty-two homes were damaged. Also from 15 June, flooding struck in Madrid and Mosquera municipalities in Cundinamarca Department. Around 100 people and 25 homes were affected in Mosquera.

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