Colombia – Floods and Landslides Affect 15,000, Hundreds of Homes Damaged

Civil Defence in Colombia report flooding and landslides over the past week have impacted around 15,000 people across 8 departments and the Capital District of Bogotá.

Floods in Santa Marta, Magdalena Colombia October 2022. Photo: Colombia Civil Defence

Floods caused material damages in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico Department from 23 October where 35 homes were destroyed, 274 damaged and 1,545 residents affected or displaced. Heavy rain caused streams to break their banks, according to local media.

Around the same time flooding impacted areas of San Juan Nepomuceno municipality in neighbouring Bolívar Department, where 50 homes were damaged and 250 people affected.

Areas of Tolima Department had already seen severe flooding in mid-October. Further heavy rain from 25 October caused landslides in Ibagué and Purificación municipalities affecting over 800 residents.

Flooding on 26 October affected around 8,000 residents in Santa Marta municipality and city on the Caribbean Sea in Magdalena Department.

In La Guajira Department, flooding caused damages in Barrancas and Villanueva municipalities affecting around 2,400 people from 26 to 28 October 2022.

Flooding struck in the Valle del Cauca municipalities of Dagua, Tuluá and Guacarí between 26 and 28 October. Two homes were destroyed, around 35 others were damaged, with over 150 people affected.

Around 1,750 people were affected by floods in Rionegro municipality in Antioquia Department on 29 October. On the same day a landslide struck in the capital Bogotá which affected around 150 people.

Civil Defence reported floods in Nobsa municipality, Boyacá Department on 30 October damaged 6 homes and affected 24 residents.

Earlier this month severe flooding struck in Cesar Department. At least one person died and 2 were reported missing after flash flooding in the municipality of Bosconia overnight 22 to 23 October 2022.