Colombia – Thousands Affected After Rivers Overflow in Santander Department

Flooding has affected thousands of people in Colombia’s north-central Santander Department after rivers broke their banks earlier this month.

According to local media, flooding has affected around 10,000 people (2,000 families) in the municipalities of Cimitarra, Puerto Wilches, Sabana de Torres, Matanza, San Vicente de Chucurí and Cerrito. Flooding has also damaged crops and farmland.

Media reported that the flooding was caused after the Lebrija and Carare rivers broke their banks after heavy rain that began around 12 November, 2019.

Flooding was also reported in the neighbouring department of Antioquia around the same time.

Colombia’s disaster authority UNGRD reported on 15 November that since the start of the current rainy season 2 months ago, there have been 214 events related to severe weather, including floods, landslides, storms and strong winds.

Nearly 10,000 families have been affected, 43 homes destroyed and over 4,000 damaged. At least 20 people have died, 1 is missing and 66 injured.

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Featured photo credit: Edwin Ballesteros / Twitter