Ecuador – Evacuations After Rivers Overflow in Sucumbíos

More flooding has affected parts of Ecuador, this time in the northern province of Sucumbíos. Around 600 people have been affected in the province in total, with 150 evacuated and 150 homes or buildings damaged.

Landslide in Sucumbíos, Ecuador, June 2019. Photo: SNGRE

The country’s National Service of Risk and Emergency Management (SNGRE) reported on 23 June that the overflowing Napo River flooded several homes in Pañacocha district. SNGRE also said that flooding from the San Miguel and Putumayo rivers was affecting parts of Puerto El Carmen de Putumayo, close to the border with Colombia.

Heavy rain also caused several landslides in the area, blocking the road that connects Lumbaqui to La Bonita and El Playón. The landslide left several vehicles including 3 buses stranded, along with around 150 passengers and drivers. Authorities said they are distributing relief supplies to those affected.

Recent heavy rain in the province of Tungurahua caused major flooding and landslides. At least one person died, 1 is still missing, 1 injured and 145 evacuated in Baños de Agua Santa. As of 25 June, the Curiacu river was still above flood levels, affecting parts of Patate district.

Vice President of Ecuador, Otto Sonnenholzner, visited the site of the massive landslide and floods in Baños de Agua Santa in Tungurahua Ecuador on 26 June 2019. Photo: Government of Ecuador

52 Hydro-meteorological Events in 8 Days

SNGRE said that the country has seen a spate of severe weather events over the last few days, with 52 hazardous hydro-meteorological events reported between 17 and 25 June, 2019, including 34 landslides. During that period, 1 person has died, 298 were evacuated, 771 people affected, 158 houses damaged.

The organisation also warned that flows of the Pastaza River in Pastaza Province have recently increased due to the continuous rainfall in the region.

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