Ecuador – Floods in Los Ríos and Pastaza Provinces

Disaster authorities in Ecuador say that around 250 people have been affected by flooding in Los Ríos Province since 19 February.

Several rivers have also broken their banks in Pastaza Province, causing damage to homes.

No injuries or deaths have been reported in either province.

Los Ríos Province

Heavy rain caused the Puebloviejo River to break its banks on 19 February, flooding areas of Babahoyo Canton.

National Risk and Emergency Management Service of Ecuador (SNGRE) said relief supplies have been distributed in affected areas. Cloal media report that some communities have been left isolated by the flooding.

Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (INAMHI), the national meteorological agency of Ecuador, reported that other rivers in the area are also swollen. As of 19 February, INAMHI said that the San Pablo River in in Los Ríos Province was at danger levels and the situation was likely to continue with further heavy rain expected.

Pastaza Province

Flooding affected parts of Pastaza Province on 15 February after several rivers broke their banks, including the Pindo, Pambay and Pindo.

The overflowing Pindo river caused flooding in Mera canton, damaging homes and forcing at least one family to evacuate.

Manabí Province

Flooding affected around 300 people in Manabí Province earlier this month after heavy rain caused the Manta River to break its banks.

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Flood Summary

Last updated: February 20, 2019
Ecuador, February 2019
February 9 to February 20, 2019
Flash flood, Landslide, River flood
Extreme rainfall
Flooding affected parts of Manabí Province from around 09 February. Later disaster authorities reported overflowing rivers in Pastaza Province from around 15 February, and in Los Ríos Province from 19 February.


A - Portoviejo
B - Manta, Ecuador
C - Chone
D - El Guabito
E - Charapoto
F - Babahoyo
G - Mera
H - Manta - Rainfall level 66 mm in 24 hours
I - Guayaquil - Rainfall level 57 mm in 24 hours
J - Salinas - Rainfall level 45.6 mm in 24 hours


Rainfall level
66 mm in 24 hours
Manta - February 9 to February 10, 2019
All figures from Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (INAMHI)
Rainfall level
57 mm in 24 hours
Guayaquil - February 9 to February 10, 2019
Rainfall level
45.6 mm in 24 hours
Salinas - February 7 to February 8, 2019


300 people
Manabí Province - February 9 to February 12, 2019
Estimated figure
250 people
Babahoyo - February 19 to February 20, 2019
10 people
Mera - February 15 to February 16, 2019