Ecuador – Homes Destroyed by Floods in Quito

A river broke its banks in Quito, capital city of Ecuador, causing damaging floods in the south of the city on 12 April, 2020.

Floods in Quito, Ecuador, April 2020. Photo: Riesgos Ecuador

Flooding was reported in over 20 locations in the south of the city. Two houses collapsed in the flooding in the San Pedro de Guajaló neighbourhood, where the Fire Department were called on to carry out rescues. Around 10 other homes were damaged. No fatalities were reported.

Jorge Yunda Machado, Mayor of Quito, said “All emergency services activated and working in floods south of Quito.”

Heavy rain from 11 April caused the Caupicho river to overflow. Authorities said the flooding was worsened by the accumulation of garbage blocking the flow of the river.

Elsewhere in the country, flooding from the overflowing Cusano river in Tena, Napo Province early on 12 April, caused severe damage to a bridge in the area. Tena is about 120km south east of Quito, according to Ecuador’s emergency and security service ECU 911.

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