Ecuador – Deadly Landslides and Floods in El Oro

At least 1 person has died and several were injured after heavy rain triggered landslides and flooding in El Oro Province, southern Ecuador.

Landslide Piñas canton, El Oro Province, Ecuador, February 2021. Photo: Municipo Piñas

The country’s National Service for Risk and Emergency Management (SNGRE) reported that heavy rain in Piñas canton in El Oro Province on 16 February triggered flooding and landslides that caused at least 2 houses to collapse. One person was reported killed in the disaster and 3 others were injured. Stretches of road in affected areas were also severely damaged.

A few days earlier a dramatic landslide and mud flow struck in Chunchi Canton, Chimborazo Province on 12 February, leaving 2 people injured and houses destroyed, according to SNGRE. Public buildings and at least 2 bridges were also damaged or destroyed, along with livestock and crops. Chunchi Canton officials declared an emergency. The exact cause of the landslide is uncertain.

In early February heavy rain affected the coastal province of Manabí in Ecuador, leading to flooding and landslides in the cantons of Chone, Jipijapa, San Vicente, Tosagua, Bolívar, Portoviejo and Manta. Local media reported 12 families evacuated in Jipijapa after the wall of a building collapsed.

On 10 February flooding was reported in the city of Guayaquil and areas of surrounding Guayas Province, causing traffic problems and material damages but no injuries or loss of life was reported.

SNGRE reported on 17 February that heavy rain has affected the cantons of Mejía, Pedro Moncayo and Quito in Pichincha Province since January, damaging homes and roads.

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