Ecuador – Floods Affect Hundreds in Manabí Province

Emergency management authorities in Ecuador say that heavy rain in western parts of the country has caused severe flooding and landslides in Manabí Province from 09 February, 2019.

National Risk and Emergency Management Service of Ecuador (SNGRE) said that the overflowing Chico river in Portoviejo City, caused flooding affected dozens of families.

Flooding was also reported in several districts of Manta city after the Manta River broke its banks affecting around 150 people from over 30 families. The disctrict of 4 de Noviembre was among the worst hit.

Surface flooding was also reported in Chone and El Guabito and a landslide blocked a road in Charapoto.


Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (INAMHI), the national meteorological agency of Ecuador, reported that 66mm of rain fell in the city of Manta in 24 hours to 10 February, and 57mm fell at Guayaquil Airport during the same period.

A few days earlier the city of Salinas recorded 45.6mm in 24 hours to 08 February.

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Featured image: File photo for illustration: Floods in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 2016. Photo: Municipio Esmeraldas