El Salvador – Over 40 Dead or Missing After Landslide in San Salvador Department

Heavy rainfall in El Salvador triggered a massive landslide in the municipality of Nejapa in San Salvador department late on 29 October 2020.

Landslide and debris flow carved a 4km long route down a hillside in San Salvador Department, 30 October 2020. Photo: El Salvador Civil Protection

As of 30 October, Civil Protection in the country reports that at least 7 people have died and 35 more are suspected missing.

The landslide buried homes in the village of Los Angelitos, situated on the slopes of the San Salvador Volcano. Civil Protection said that the landslide and debris flows pushed mud, rocks and logs down the hillside, carving a route approximately 4 km in length.

More than 350 people have been deployed at different points in affected areas, carrying out search and rescue tasks, removing debris and providing care to the affected families.

According to figures from the country’s Environment Ministry MARN, around 140mm of rain fell in the area in 24 hours to 30 October.

Hundreds of search and rescue personnel are working in the area of the landslide in the municipality of Nejapa in San Salvador department. Photo: El Salvador Bomberos

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