Mexico – Deadly Floods in South After Heavy Rain From Hurricane Eta

More heavy rain brought by Hurricane Eta has caused flooding and landslides, this time in southern parts of Mexico.

In a 24 hour period to 06 November, 315mm of rain fell in Oxolotán in Tabasco State and 279.5mm in Escalón in Chiapas State, according to Mexico’s Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SNM).

Previously Eta had caused devastation across Central America, with dozens of people feared dead in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Flood rescues in Chiapas, Mexico, 06 November 2020 after rain from Hurricane Eta. Photo: Civil Protection Chiapas


In the state of Chiapas, authorities reported on 06 November that at least 19 people had died and more than 900 houses damaged. Fatalities were reported in the municipalities of El Bosque (4), La Grandeza (4), Chenalhó (10) and Oxchuc (1).

A total of 20 municipalities in the state have been affected by flooding and landslides according to Chiapas State Civil Protection, with Chilón said to be among the hardest hit after the overflowing Agua Azul river damaged almost 700 homes.

As of 06 November, Civil Protection report a total of 906 homes, 13 roads and 2 bridges damaged. Evacuation centres have been set up the municipalities of Juárez, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Ocosingo and Ixhuatán, housing around 100 people as of 06 November.

Floods in Ocosingo Chiapas, Mexico, 06 November 2020 after rain from Hurricane Eta. Phot: Civil Protection Chiapas

Tabasco and Veracruz

Two flood-related fatalities were also reported in Tabasco State, where around 80,000 people have been affected by the heavy rains. Civil Protection have set up temporary shelters in 9 municipalities.

President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, visited some of the affected areas of the state on 07 November.

There is grave concern that releases from the Peñitas Dam in Chiapas State are likely to worsen the flood situation for areas of Tabasco downstream of the dam.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Veracruz, at least 3,000 homes were reported damaged by flooding and more than 10,000 people have been affected in southern parts of the state.


Some of the affected areas in Mexico are close to the border with Guatemala, which has seen devastating floods and landslides in the last few days.

As of 07 November, teams from military and civil protection were searching areas of Quejá in Alta Verapaz where dozens of people are feared dead after around 150 houses were buried by mudslides triggered by torrential rain from Hurricane Eta.

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