Peru – Deadly Flash Floods in Huánuco

Disaster authorities in Peru report that at least 1 person has died and over 300 homes were damaged after flash floods in Huánuco region.

The disaster struck on 10 February after heavy rain caused the flooding of the Huamuco River (a small tributary of the Huallaga River) in Santa Rosa de Alto Yanajanca district, Marañón province. Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI) reported 1 fatality, along with 363 homes, 7 km of rural road and 106 hectares of crops damaged.

On the same day the Santa Martha river broke its banks flooding areas of La Morada district in Huánuco, damaging 70 houses, 3 public buildings, 4 bridges, as well as crops and roads.

A few days earlier heavy rain triggered landslides in Ichuña district in the southern Moquegua Department from 06 February 2021. Four homes were destroyed and another 58 damaged, along with around 14 other buildings.

The government in Peru recently declared an emergency in several districts in the province and region of Puno after a period of heavy rain caused the caused the overflow of the Vilque, Challamayo, Escacha, Conaviri, Putinamayo and Coata rivers in late January. Flooding affected homes and basic services infrastructure, roads, river defences and cultivation areas in particular in Vilque and Coata districts. INDECI added that 580 homes, 2 bridges, 1.2 km of road and 1.5 hectares of crops were damaged by floods in Lampa province, Puno department on 24 January 2021.