Peru – Homes Damaged After Heavy Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides in Arequipa

Heavy rain has several triggered landslides and flooding in Arequipa Department in the south of Peru.

According to Andina, the state owned news agency, flash floods and landslides struck on 22 January 2020 in the district of Uchumayo, affecting the communities of Congata and Cerro Verde. Over 80 homes have been damaged, including seven severely. Roads have been closed in the affected area. Damage assessments are ongoing.

The previous day heavy rain caused landslides in the area of Villa Unión, also in Uchumayo district, blocking roads and affecting 3 families, according to reports from Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI). A similar situation was reported in Yura district, where around 15 people were affected and roads were blocked.

Heavy rain has also caused landslides in other areas in the south and central parts of the country over recent days, blocking several roads in Lima, Ayacucho and Moquegua Departments. Authorities have warned of rising levels of the Sama and Callazas rivers in Tacna Department.


Further north, heavy rain has caused further flooding and damage in Huanuco Department. According to INDECI, 2 houses were destroyed and 29 people affected in the district of Monzón, province of Huamalies, after heavy rain during the early hours of 22 January, 2020.

Around 500 families were affected after flooding and landslides in parts of Huanuco Department earlier this month.

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