Peru – Heavy Rain Causes Building to Collapse in Apurímac Region

At least 15 people have died after heavy rain caused part of a hotel building to collapse in Apurímac region of Peru.

National Institute of Civil Defense, (Indeci) in Peru said a further 30 people were injured in the disaster at the Hotel Alhambra in the district of Tamburco, province of Abancay, Apurímac, a region in southern-central Peru.

Part of a hotel building collapsed after heavy rain in Tamburco, province of Abancay, Apurímac Region, Peru. Photo: Indeci Peru

Grau Province

Elsewhere in the region, heavy rain during the afternoon of 28 January, 2019, caused flooding and damage to homes and farms in the community and district of Turpay, province of Grau, about 75km south of Tamburco.

INDECI reports that around 200 people were affected and 37 houses suffered damage. Around 20 people (3 families) were made homeless after flooding destroyed 3 homes.