Peru – More Floods in Northern Regions as Rivers Reach Danger Levels in Loreto

National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI) in Peru reports that overflowing rivers have damaged homes, roads and crops in several provinces of of Loreto Region and parts of San Martin Region since the start of April 2021.

National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (SENAMHI) warns that levels of the Marañón, Ucayali, Amazon and Napo rivers in the region are all above the danger mark.

Floods in Loreto Region

Flooding had affected parts of the region during March 2021, in particular in the city of Yurimaguas, capital of Alto Amazonas Province on 20 March. Media, quoting local authorities, reported more than 3,000 homes were damaged and that flood waters reached up to 2.20 meters in some areas.

Since then, the overflowing Huallaga river flooded areas of Santa Cruz, Alto Amazonas province on 02 April, affecting 248 homes, 8 educational institutions, 2 bridges and wide areas of crops. The Huallaga river also flooded parts of Teniente Cesar López Rojas on 05 April and Lagunas district on 10 April. Initial assessments suggest damage to homes, roads and crops.

Meanwhile flooding from the the overflowing Marañón River damaged buildings, including a school, in the town of Maypuco, Urarinas district, Loreto province on 04 April.

On 10 April the Ucayali River overflowed in several towns in the district of Maquia, province of Requena, causing material damages.

Also on 10 April the Morona River overflowed, flooding the surrounding areas in the district of Morona, province of Datem de Marañón, damaging homes and crops.

On 12 April the Amazon River overflowed, damaging 114 homes and affecting around 700 people in the district of Las Amazonas, province of Maynas.

Floods in San Martín Region

INDECI also reported flooding in neighbouring San Martín Region. Around 90 people were evacuated after flash flooding in the district of Pajarillo, province of Mariscal Cáceres on 10 April. Flooding struck after heavy rain caused a local stream to overflow.

Rivers in Loreto Region

SENAMHI reports that the Marañón, Ucayali, Amazon and Napo rivers in the Loreto region are all above Red Alert (highest alert) levels.

Authorities have recommended that residents living near the rivers prepare for evacuation and ensure they have emergency supplies including food and water.

Napo River at Bellavista, levels April 2021. Image: SENAMHI
Ucayali river at Requena, levels April 2021. Image: SENAMHI
Amazon River at Tamshiyacu, levels April 2021. Image: SENAMHI
Marañón River at San Regis, levels April 2021. Image: SENAMHI