Venezuela – Thousands Hit by Floods in North West

Parts of north-western Venezuela have seen severe flooding over the last few days, with at least 5 fatalities reported and thousands of families affected.

After the floods in Tachira state Venezuela November 2020. Photo: Government of Táchira

In a statement of 10 November, the Government of Táchira State more than 1,500 families were affected across several municipalities including Junín, Bolívar, Cárdenas, San Cristóbal, Sucre, Torbes and Francisco de Miranda. Three people lost their lives in the floods.

Flooding wreaked havoc, damaging hundreds of homes, along with roads and bridges. The state government said the losses totalled over US$20 million. One of the worst hit areas was the city of Rubio in Junín municipality where the Carapo River broke its banks.

Heavy rain is still falling in the state. As of 18 November, Venezuela’s Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (INAMEH) reported 91mm of rain in 24 hours in San Antonio del Táchira in Bolívar municipality, bringing the monthly total to 369.6 mm.

Floods in Rubio, Táchira  Venezuela, November 2020. Photo: Government of Táchira

Flooding also affected parts of Lara state from around 10 November. Local media reported 1,700 families affected and 1 fatality. The state capital, Barquisimeto was among the worst hit areas.

More recently, around 5,000 families have been affected by flooding Maracaibo municipality in the state of Zulia on 17 November. Several streams and rivers including the Limón River broke their banks. Local media reported one person was electrocuted when power lines fell into flood water.

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