At Least 2 Dead, 5 Missing, After Floods and Landslides in Vietnam and Laos

At least 2 people died and 5 are missing after floods and landslides in Laos and Vietnam after severe weather, including strong winds and heavy rainfall since Monday 07 September, 2015.


VNS, the Vietnamese news agency, say that 3 people are missing after floods hit the mountainous province of Ha Giang in northern Vietnam. The floods occurred in Minh Tien village in Vi Xuyen District on Monday 07 September, 2015.

Much of the country has been affected by severe weather, including strong winds and heavy rain since 07 September, 2015.

According to WMO figures, in a 24 hour period between 07 and 08 September, 169 mm of rain fell in Nguyen Binh, Cao Bang province and 155mm in Changsha, Khanh Hoa.

ECHO say that floods and landslides were have been reported in Cao Bang and Lai Chau provinces in the north and in Dong Nai in the south, while wind and hail damage was caused in the provinces of Lam Dong, Binh Thuan, An Giang and Dong Thap in the south, according to government reports, as of 10 September.

VNS also reported earlier this week that sudden rains battered Hanoi early on Tuesday 08 September 2015, with rainfall amounts of up to 60 mm, causing heavy floods to many inner-city wards. Transport was badly affected in the city, with some vehicles stranded for several hours. No casualties were reported.


Lao news agency, KPLP, are reporting that floods and landslides in northern parts of the country have left 2 people dead in the district of Nan district, Luang Prabang province.

Two people were killed in a landslide in Nafay village and destroyed 9 houses. As of 10 September 2015, two more people were still missing.

Chief of Nan district, Mr Bounthy Manivong, told KPL:

“that the unexpected incident took place around 14:00 and lasted about an hour on Tuesday when a huge amount of mud and water flowed down from a mountain. No rain had fallen for several days before the incident.

Mr Bounthy described the incident as unprecedented in the history of the village. The incident not only claimed human lives but also absolutely eradicated the existence of Tad Hien, a well-known water fall of Nan district. The natural disaster utterly destroyed nine houses and left another 19 badly damaged”.