6 Dead in Oman Floods

In further flooding in the Persian Gulf area, heavy rainfall over northern Oman over the weekend led to the deaths of six people, with one person still reported missing.

Two Omani nationals were killed when their vehicle was washed away by Al Qahmi wadi (stream) in the Mahda province on Saturday morning, with their bodies later being found more than a kilometre (0.6mi) away.

floods oman
File Photo: Floods in Oman. Photo: Oman News Agency

Another national was found dead after being washed away by one of the wadis in Saham province, while an expatriate was killed during a thunderstorm in the wilayat (province) of Sohar.

Public Authority of the Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) personnel managed to rescue four Pakistanis after they were washed away by Al Wadyat wadi in the wilayat of Shinas.

On Sunday, the bodies of an Omani national and an expatriate who were washed away in their vehicle by a wadi in Jebel Al Akhdar were recovered two hours later.

The Omani Royal Air Force and police rescued another seven people trapped in wadis in various parts of the Sultanate on Sunday.

The Omani national who was washed away by a wadi in Dima wa Tayeen on Sunday morning has still not been found, even though the PACDA has called in the assistance of divers, police dogs and a helicopter.

No major loss of property was reported despite the extent of the flooding, which led to several dams in the northern provinces of Oman overflowing.

The highest rainfall, 415mm, was recorded in the Niyabat of Lima of Khasab. The General Authority for Civil Aviation has confirmed that the depression, which first made its presence felt on Thursday 13 March 2014, petered out on Monday.

Source: Gulf News