Bangladesh – Floods in North East Wipe Out Rice Crops

A long period of heavy rain from 29 March to 07 April caused flooding in Sylhet region in the north east of Bangladesh.

The country’s Department of Disaster Management reported that 102,875 people have been affected. Farms and public transport have also suffered damage.

In the city of Sylhet, 185 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 29 and 30 March. Over 120 mm fell the following day and the rain has continued to fall. The Surma and Kushiyara rivers both exceeded danger levels at numerous points.

The Department of Disaster Management also reported that 125,885 hectares of crops, chiefly rice, were damaged. Local media say that many farmers have been forced to harvest remaining crops early rather than lose them to flooding.

Featured photo: File photo – Escaping the floods in Bangladesh. Photo: Bangladesh Department of Disaster Management