China – Thousands Displaced by Floods in Jiangxi Province

Heavy rain has triggered floods in parts of eastern China. Disaster authorities report that 6,351 people have been relocated and a total of 228,000 affected in Jiangxi Province.

Severe weather has been affecting the province since last week. Jiangxi province activated a state of emergency on 05 July. Since then further heavy rain has fallen in the province. According to China’s National Meteorological Center, 225.6mm of rain fell in Guangchang in 24 hours to 07 July. Lichuan, also in Jiangxi Province, recorded 169.5mm during the same period.

Chinese news agency Xinhua, quoting Jiangxi Province flood control headquarters, said that a total of 14,900 hectares of cropland have been affected with 900 hectares destroyed. The floods also destroyed 34 houses. Direct economic losses are estimated at around US$45 million.

One of the worst hit areas is the city of Guixi, where the downpours caused landslides and damaged roads. Power, telecommunication and transport links were all interrupted.

Heavy rain also affected parts of neighbouring Zhejiang province. Rivers in both provinces are extremely high and above warning levels in some areas. Eastern and some southern parts of the country have already seen between 400mm and 800mm of rain in the last 30 days or so, with further heavy rain expected.

China’s Ministry of Water Resources has warned that more rain during the current flood season could result in flooding along several major rivers, including the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, as well as Taihu Lake, the Second Songua river, the Liao river and also the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

Rainfall in China 80 June to 07 July, 2019. Image; China’s National Meteorological Center


File photo – floods in China. Photo: Brandon / Flickr Under CC BY-NC 2.0

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