China – More Deadly Floods in Sichuan

More flooding has affected parts of Sichuan province, southwestern China, leaving over 20 people dead or missing.

Flooding struck in Sichuan’s Mianning county in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture after storms brought heavy rain 26 and 27 June, 2020.

At least 7,705 people were evacuated. Emergency authorities report that areas around the township of Yihaixiang are worst affected. Emergency teams rescued 223 people trapped in the floods in Yihaixiang.

Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department has sent 500 tents, bedding and other relief materials to the affected areas.

Other recent flooding in Sichuan province resulted in at least 1 fatality and 3 missing, with more than 20,000 people evacuated in Danba county on 17 June.

Eastern China – Jiangxi, Anhui and Jiangsu

Meanwhile flooding has Jiangxi and Anhui provinces in eastern parts of the country over the last few days.

Flooding that began 22 June has affected 526,000 people in 45 counties, cities and districts in Jiangxi. As many as 42,000 people have evacuated their homes.

In Anhui Province, flooding from 24 June has affected over 20 counties and cities, including Ma’anshan, Lu’an, Anqing, Xuancheng and Huangshan. Flooding came after days of heavy rain pushed river levels above the danger mark.

Rivers are also extremely high and heavy rain still falling in the eastern Jiangsu Province. China’s National Meteorological Center reports at least 8 locations in the province recorded more than 100mm of rain in 24 hours to 29 June, including the city Chuzhou which recorded 135.8mm during that period.

According to China’s National Water and Rain Information service, as of 29 June river levels in the province were above the danger mark in at least 18 locations, in particular around Suzhou City.

78 Dead or Missing Since Late May

The flood disasters in Sichuan, Jiangxi and Anhui add to the wider flooding woes that have dogged China since late May.

According to China’s Ministry of Emergency Management, as of 28 June, flooding had affected over 12 million people in 13 provinces or regions, leaving 78 dead or missing and 729,000 displaced. A total of 8,000 houses have been completely destroyed and a further 97,000 severely damaged.